Community Network

Welcome to the Copley Hill Business Community Hub.

This facility has been established to encourage our tenants to interact on both a business and social level and we hope that it will prove useful to all.

If you have a press release, an event, an item to sell or give away or a special promotion please do let us know and then it can be shared with the rest of the business community here on site.

Bookings for the Copley Hill Meeting Rooms can also be made here.

Do let us know if there are other services that would be useful on this website.  Thanks.  The Copley Hill Team 

Sports Corrective Therapy are running two sessions at Copley Hill Business Park on 29th June 2016 and 27th July 2016 from 7-8 pm. Do join us for one of these classes if ...

  UK Power Networks will run a generator from 8am to 3.30 pm on Wednesday 25th May to cover the planned loss of mains power.  The Copley Hill Business Park ...

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